Credit Restoration

You are unique, and so is your credit. If you are hiring a Credit Restoration service, you want the best possible results. You want errors and derogatory items removed from your report, and you want your credit profile to be as strong as possible. This is more involved than you may think, and no automated service does what we do.
Removing Credit Report Errors

Effective Credit Restoration involves more than spotting negative and unfamiliar account information and disputing it. The majority of errors are compliance violations that you will not find so easily. Compliance violations will look familiar, but should not be on your report as a matter of law. These erroneous entries are often overlooked and yet can have a dramatic impact on your credit scores.
Optimizing your FICO score

Lenders base underwriting decisions on the content of your credit report along with the value of your FICO scores. Removing errors can improve your scores, but in most cases will produce only half the potential result. Optimizing your scores involves a thoughtful reshaping of the content of your credit report; the number of trade lines, current account balances, and the mix of credit types can have a dramatic impact, yet without proper attention this potential remains untapped.
Getting the Results You Need

The goal of a Credit Restoration professional is to clean up your credit, optimize your scores, and leave you with truly usable credit. Along with skillful identification and removal of reporting errors, the process may include specific recommendations for building new credit, managing existing debt, and rehabilitating defaulted obligations. The Credit Restoration professional operates in a fiduciary capacity and will utilize the widest range of tools to insure both quick and lasting results.
The Smart Choice

There is no one-dimensional credit restoration program that will produce the results you deserve. True professional Credit Restoration is about personal service. The Credit Restoration professional will make sure that everything possible is done to help you reach your goals. Wait until you experience what the Credit-Max Program can do for you!

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