Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program or HAFA Program

August 29, 2011 No comments yet

The HAFA program gives homeowners the option of a short sale or a deed in lieu of a foreclosure in order to help them avoid a foreclosure proceeding. There are many homeowners who are unaware of this program and if they are running out of options should think about this. It is generally said that […]

The Senate is Looking into Foreclosure Fraud and How to Prevent It

August 9, 2011 No comments yet

Senator Patrick Leahy and Committee Member Richard Blumenthal are looking into “ongoing abuses and fraudulent practices by mortgage servicers are needlessly forcing foreclosures on families struggling to stay in their homes — slowing our economic recovery,” (Blumenthal). They are starting by requesting information from 11 leading mortgage services on the polices and practices that each […]

Beware of Mortgage Audits

August 6, 2011 No comments yet

Recently, there has been another scheme put into place by people that want to steal your money; they are called mortgage audits. The FTC and many Better Business Bureaus have been receiving complaints. Yes, there are good mortgage audits. So how do you tell which ones are bad? Upfront Fees Promises to stop Foreclosures Promises […]

Foreclosure Crisis…Let It Ride?

July 11, 2011 No comments yet

Many people believe that in order to get through the foreclosure crisis we have to let the market do its job. But will the market do its job or is the market the one that created the current crisis? Quick Simplified Breakdown In the beginning People lied on their applications Lenders approved too high of […]

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