What’s the Difference between Debt Settlement and Debt Counseling?

August 8, 2011 No comments yet

Debt Settlement They negotiate with the credit card companies or collectors for generally a single payment (Can go up to 6 months) of which is for a percentage of what you owe. This can be anywhere between 80% to 20% of your original debt. They get their money in either a monthly payment plan or […]

Taxes on Debt Settlements and Short Sales

August 7, 2011 No comments yet

There are times when you have to fill out a Form 1099 and will have to pay taxes on that amount because you earned an “income” on your debts. For instance: When you settle out a debt with a credit card company and the difference between what you pay and what you owed is greater […]

Things to Know About Debt Settlement Programs and Companies

April 18, 2011 No comments yet

How a debt settlement company works: Generally, they collect fees up front. Including: To establish the account A monthly service fee Final fee for the settlement payment Some times they send out “cease and desist” letters to ask creditors to stop contacting your family They ask you to stop making payments on the credit cards […]

Creditors Say You have No Power. They are Wrong.

February 17, 2011 No comments yet

Your creditors will try and convince you that you have no power when it comes to settling your debts. They are wrong. While they will not negotiate with you, they will negotiate with a lawyer over a period of time. If you’ve grown tired of late-night collection calls from angry creditors and would like to […]

Bankruptcy Numbers Are Soaring

February 16, 2011 No comments yet

“Bankruptcy filings reflect the economy as a whole – and it’s clear we are not on a fast path towards recovery. Consumers are clearly struggling to pay off the debt they’ve accurued over the years, and are turning to bankruptcy as a last resort,” said The Warren Group CEO Timothy M. Warren Jr. The numbers […]

Should I Seek A Massachusetts Attorney to Help Me File For Bankruptcy?

January 7, 2011 No comments yet

Even though filing for bankruptcy is optimal for those with a lot of debt, it is still a major decision that just about anyone in American may file for, but if you want the process to go smoothly, you should find a bankruptcy attorney who can guide you through the entire process. A Massachusetts bankruptcy […]

Debt Settlement v. Bankruptcy… Which to Choose

January 5, 2011 No comments yet

If you have a large amount of credit card debt and are having difficulty making all of your payments you may be debating whether you should file for bankruptcy or whether you should work on a debt settlement plan. Filing for bankruptcy can be a great strategic move. Even though the bankruptcy will stay on […]

Major Change In The Federal Bankruptcy Statue

December 6, 2010 No comments yet

Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be harder to file under the new law. In 2005 the bankrucpty code was changed by Congress.  The major changes make  it harder for some people to file bankruptcy. A few filers with higher incomes will no longer allowed to use Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but will instead have to repay at […]

Xerium Technologies Files For Pre-packaged Bankruptcy – Update – RTT News

March 30, 2010 Comments Off on Xerium Technologies Files For Pre-packaged Bankruptcy – Update – RTT News

Xerium Technologies Files For Pre-packaged Bankruptcy – Update
RTT News
The company would implement a pre-packaged reorganization plan under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code in the Bankruptcy Court for the District of
Xerium files "pre-packaged" bankruptcyReuters
Xerium files for bankruptcyNews & Observer
The Daily Docket: Lehman Wants Claims CutWall Street Journal (blog)
MarketWatch (press release)
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NXP’s Junk Debt Soars 16.5 Times as Bankruptcy Concern Subsides – BusinessWeek

March 30, 2010 Comments Off on NXP’s Junk Debt Soars 16.5 Times as Bankruptcy Concern Subsides – BusinessWeek

NXP's Junk Debt Soars 16.5 Times as Bankruptcy Concern Subsides
worst recession since the 1930s, has soared as bankruptcy concerns have faded, said Ping Zhao, debt-research analyst at CreditSights Inc. in New York.

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